It’s time people are more aware of what mental health issues are and how they affect you. This is the main reason I started my fundraising to bring awareness and the money raised was a bonus.

A total of £4,672 was raised after all costs for my two charities. Now that is incredible and all thanks to every single person involved and who donated. A massive thank you.


It’s important for people that don’t or have never suffered from this to be fully aware, which is why my first chosen charity is Action Mental Health, their work in this country has been amazing so far and their belief in self help and mental health well being really resonated with me.

My second charity I am fundraising for is Cancer research. I’ve watched families be torn apart from this horrible illness, my own included.

Where do I even begin with the event.

Ive had hundreds of people ask so many questions over this past few weeks on everything. So here is where I’m going to answer all. But first I want to thank each and everyone that was involved and stood in that room at the Europa Belfast for #standwithro on the 10th of February.

The whole day start to finish was an absolute success. Better than I could have ever imagined if I’m being honest, its all thanks to all involved and to those who purchased tickets and support me on achieving a goal and raising awareness and funds for these charities which is something you know I’ve always wanted to do.

I created a short video for the audience on the day to remember everyone why we where there. Link here

The biggest fear in my life was to stand in front of a crowd and speak. Not that I said much words at the #standwithro event but I did try and I done it. I over come my fears by facing them. Thats the best advice I can tell anyone todo. I kept saying to myself as I was on that stage “beat your fear Roisin” as I played with a paper clip in my hand. Which I thank Annette Kelly creator of Little Penny Thoughts for. So told me to do this to take the nerves off me which really worked for me.

Ill get in more detail soon with the organising of an event that size with over 400 attending. Because it wasn’t easy at all and I solute anyone that has events like this all the time.

The months prior to the even I didn’t actually understand the time, effort and money it would take to go into something like this. Without the help of my manager sorcha and partner nick for the constant late nights working to 1/2am in the mornings to try piece everything together it honestly hand on heart wouldn’t have been possible without them and my whole team at @roisindohertysalons.

Creating an event like this for charity was always one of my life long dreams. I started my fundraising, had a few hundred gathered after my head shave in December. A few hundred was NOT going to get me anywhere I realised. But as I said ill get in more detail soon.

But for now, my client is sitting waiting for me to beautify her Im just chuffed to announce the final number raised with you all and couldn’t wait to share.

Thank you for your support. heres a few pictures from #standwithro

Ro x



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