“WTF have I done” was the first words I said to myself on Sunday morning.

Emotions I never knew existed were going through my mind when I woke on Sunday morning. Tears streamed down my face as I looked at myself in the mirror.I no longer had my long black hair.

I then reminded myself why I’ve done this.

I’ve done it for those who this isn’t an option for. I’ve done it to raise awareness for the charities I have chosen.




The 1st of December was the launch of my blog and salon retail store and no better way to raise awareness than to shave my hair and to kind start our charity campaign. Something  i’ve been talking about doing for years.  I’ve actually done it and I feel amazing for it. I’ve received hundreds and hundreds of messages including many from people suffering these illnesses. I’m doing this for you.

One by one my salon girls and family helped Chris shaved my hair.




If you’ve only recently started following me you may not know I’ve openly talked about my mental health struggles throughout life. I opened up after the birth of my daughter Abbie. I suffered PND (postnatal depression) which you will find a short post about it here

I’m currently working on a very in depth personal one about this part of my mental health struggles which is taking longer than expected as emotions are extremely high as I get into so much detail.

Daily I suffer with anxiety which many wouldn’t believe because of my online persona.
I do also have a lot more to share with you all in more detail on this topic soon.


It’s time people are more aware of what mental health issues are and how they affect you. This is the main reason I’m fundraising to bring awareness. It’s important for people that don’t or have never suffered from this to be fully aware, which is why my first chosen charity is Action Mental Health, their work in this country has been amazing so far and their belief in self help and mental health well being really resonated with me.

Ever since I was little I said my aim in life is to help as much people as I can.. let’s be honest no one is perfect, people f**k up here and there, which I certainly have but throughout the year I’ve learnt I’m happier when helping others and the more good you do in the world the better you feel. I regret many of things in my life that I just wish I had never done or I could turn back time and do it different. But I can’t! And I have to live with that regret but that regret now pushes me to do more good things. Same goes for you reading this. Don’t beat yourself up over certain things that’s happened in life. Learn from it and move on.

Life is about making the most of things. No matter what we have going on in our personal lives.

My second charity I am fundraising for is Cancer research. I’ve watched families be torn apart from this horrible illness, my own included. Everyone reading this I’m sure can relate in some way. Everything in relation to my fundraising will be fun, uplifting and inspiring with a few emotional ventures alone the way. From I shaved my hair on saturday clients of ours in the salon have openly told me their stories. I think this week has to have been one of the most emotional weeks of my life to date.

I am truly overwhelmed with the support of everyone and especially those who have helped me. Click here to find out all the local businesses and sponsors.

Firstly my team, without the help of these girls and their support throughout everything. They inspire me massively. Our “maintenance men” from Window Tinting NI. Trying to maintain a large salon like mine isn’t easy and trying to keep it updated year after year was extremely difficult until I was introduced to these guys. Anything I asked for was never a problem and was completed to absolute perfection.

A special thank you to Chris Graham owner of Barbers of BT45 for keeping me calm throughout my head shave a true gentle man, I will never forget the effort he went to to make sure I was OK throughout.

Nick & my family were a constant source of support in the lead up to Saturday and on the night, I genuinely wouldn’t have got through it without them.

I know a lot of people may question the order in which I am doing this, I know that a lot of you would have expected me to do all the fundraising first, then shave my head, what can I say, I have always been a little bit different.

My first big fundraising event will be in the New Year and I will be releasing details on it at the end of the this week, I am overwhelmed with how many of the industry is willing to get together with me to bring you an amazing charity event.  I hope you can all make it!

Love Always Ro x

Thank you for all donations so far. As little as £1 will go a long long way. I would love your support https://www.gofundme.com/ro-for-the-shave



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