Lough Eske Castle

Lough Eske Castle


Lough Eske Castle

Nick turned 31 a few weeks ago and I wanted to plan something special.  He is forever doing small things to surprise me so it was my turn!

With our work and home commitments I knew from the get go that we couldn’t go too far from home, so I started having a look online to get some ideas.  I really wanted to go somewhere that forced us to sit back and relax, we are 2 people who are always on the go so I really wanted us to have some time together without all the usual distractions.

I spent hours looking at Spa hotels and was having a hard time deciding which one to book!  Once again, my lovely clients gave me another reason to love my job and were full of recommendations!  I am a person who wants to be able to book something quickly with minimal fuss so with both the recommendations from my clients and the great website and packages they have I decided on the Lough Eske Castle.

I had kept all this a secret from Nick, for anyone who knows me will know this was not easy!  I had told him to pack a bag for 2 nights and just to throw him off a bit, told him to pack his passport!

He insisted on driving (don’t they all!), which initially I was raging about but it actually worked out really well.  I directed him and every time he thought he had guessed I would send him 10 mile in the other direction, we ended up driving right past the hotel and took the scenic Donegal roads, he hadn’t a notion by this stage!  I turned a 2-hour drive into an afternoon,but it was actually lovely to just spend the time together.  When I finally gave in we turned into the hotel grounds and I was blown away by how well kept it was, the drive up to the hotel is so impressive.

A lovely member of staff met us at the car and I was immediately mortified at the number of bags we had, it looked like we were moving in!

The welcome from the staff at the front desk was brilliant, they took so much time giving us the history of the hotel, directions and advice for things to do while we were there, it was all so personal, I love that!


When we got to the room I had arranged to have champagne and strawberries on arrival which was beautifully set up along with a handwritten welcome not from the hotel which I thought was such a nice touch.  We spent a few hours relaxing and having a walk around the hotel grounds which are stunning.

We had dinner included in our package, we ate in the Cedars Restaurant.  The staff were amazing, full of recommendations without coming across as pushy.  Our meal was beautiful and again it was just such a lovely time out for us to just sit and enjoy each others company.

I had one more surprise for Nick, the hotel staff were such a massive help with this, I had arranged for a rose petal turn down with candles and champagne in the room.  I wanted to set Nicks birthday present and card up with it, so I had to tell Nick I was going to the ladies and off I went on a run around the hotel in my 6-inch heels.  By the time I got back to the table I was totally out breath and likely bright red, he knew rightly!


We finished dinner, went back to the room and on the way, I was actually nervous, I really do get a buzz out of surprising people I love, I love seeing them happy.  Nick loved all the surprises and we really did have such a lovely evening. We had breakfast the next morning and another beautiful walk around the hotel, I must have taken 100 photos.  We spent some time in Donegal Town and spent that evening sitting in the resort gardens watching the world go by just enjoying our time off together.


I am so glad we went and without trying to sound over the top I genuinely feel that the time away with Nick made me even more sure of the reasons I am with him.  Its not realistic to believe we could have weekends like this all the time but once in a while I thinks its so important.


I can’t recommend the hotel enough; the staff are what made it for me.  I am a huge believer in the fact you could be in the most beautiful resort in the country and without good staff its pointless, this hotel definitely has both!




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