The Perfect False Lash Application

The Perfect False Lash Application

Always size your eye up first – if you don’t the false lash could be too wide and will end up lifting at the edges and not last as long as they should.

On more fuller sets there tends to be a tiny bit of extra strip at the edges, I always trim this off so the lash sits more comfortably on your eye.

Use the correct glue, I have tried so many and have found one now that I have been using for years, its Ardell Eyelash Adhesive.

Let the glue dry for at least 30-40 seconds – this is vital so the lash sticks right away.

Hold the mirror on your knee and look down rather than straight in front of you, this sounds silly but trust me it helps to make sure the false lash gets right onto your eyeline and not above it.

Be sure not to put the lash too far into the corner of your eye, this will hurt and again, start lifting.

Hold the false lash on for at least 10 seconds and keep your eyes closed for a further 20 seconds after.

The range of lashes available now is fantastic, below is links to my favourite weekend, day to day and dramatic lashes.

All orders until the 7th September will include a tube of the Ardell Eyelash Adhesive (which will last you months) for a discounted price 😊


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