All White Dress

Hey Guys,

Clothes for me have the ability to shift my mood, decide what version of Roisin I will be that day and give me the confidence to do things I otherwise struggle with.

While looking through my clothes rails one of the first things that will take me back to a day or a memory will be an outfit.

One of the most memorable, to me anyway has to be my dress for the White Party, launching my rebranded salon.  Obviously, months of work had went into the move and rebrand and I wanted the outfit to be no different, it didn’t work out this way unfortunately.  I knew what I wanted I just couldn’t find it!  I searched and searched online and in true Roisin Doherty style I was days away from what was probably the biggest night of my professional life and I had no outfit.

I posted online for some ideas and help and the lovely Melissa from ‘Prim & Penny’ contacted me offering to help me out and make my outfit.  Bear in mind the event was one week away which gives you an idea of how amazing these girls are.  She listened to every single thing I wanted and what she created was and still is one of the nicest pieces in my wardrobe.


Melissa pulled out all the stops and created one of the most beautiful dresses I could ever have imagined. It was nicer than I even pictured! In one week. HOW was this even possible to create something so perfect I will never know, but they did it!


I called with the girls at Prim and Penny a few times for different fittings and my mind was put at ease every time I was there.  If it hadn’t been for them I honestly don’t know what I would have done and its still one of my favourites.


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